Today we bring you a chapter, but not a new one, sorry! We should have a new one soon, though, for both Kazeki and Mame.

Kaze to Ki no Uta v07 c03 v3

"Wow, why are you doing this one again?", you might ask.

This chapter was the very first chapter Meggu and I did together. We still didn’t have our review system worked out back then, which made quite a few things fly under our radar.

It’s not that there is anything fundamentally wrong with the chapter, the plot is what it is, but the fact that it was far from being the best it could be always left me kind of itchy, so I decided to review it and take care of the rough spots while I’m on “vacation” from translating.

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Anonymous whispered: I have found kaze to ki no uta's volume 11 fully translated if you are interested??

I don’t understand why we specifically, a translation group, would be interested in this? And we already know some other group is taking care of that.

I think the kazeki fandom, however, would be very interested and would appreciate it if you posted it in the tag.

EDIT: Well, actually, turns out this isn’t news at all. It was released in May. I knew I had seen this somewhere before…

Hi again.

We’re working for the pizza this month, apparently.

Mame Sengoku Basara v01 c05


Hello, have you been having some nice summer vacations?

They might have just become better because we have this for you today:

Kaze to Ki no Uta v08 c05


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summer is here and so is a new kazeki chapter! we’re halfway through volume eight now

Kaze to Ki no Uta v08 c04

Poll: Who is your favorite Kaze To Ki No Uta character?


Please reply with who your favorite character is and why. It’d be fun to read why you like that particular character. Thanks! :3

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Meggu: Serge, because… he’s Serge? Do I need to explain? (´ω`) Serge❤

Ferret: Pascal or Watts. I like their personalities, their loyalty to their friends and they’re pretty much the two rays of sunshine that keep my sanity in check in the middle of all the sadness and drama. @_@

Look what the rabbit dragged in!

Kaze to Ki no Uta v08 c02

Mame Sengoku Basara v01 c04

Be careful not to smear the pages with chocolate.

So, hey guys, we have an announcement… It is with much regret that Artemis Project is drop… *snort* dropping Kaze *starts smirking uncontrollably* k-kiii… *bursts into laughter*

Ok, no, I can’t make a joke about Kazeki being dropped yet again, not even on April Fools’. This is too bad, I shouldn’t even be laughing. No, we’re NOT dropping Kazeki.

But we’ve been a little behind releases because we ran into yet another technical problem: Meggu’s computer broke and she’s been trying to get it fixed. With some luck that will finally be done soon, but you never know.

This is to say that, even thought we’ve been trying to release more or less monthly, things are a bit shaky right now, so don’t find it weird if we take a while to release a new chapter.

We’re not dead, just sleeping for a bit until winter is over. P: